The lawmaker representing the Abuja Municipal Area Council AMAC, and
Bwari federal constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon. Micah
Jiba has said that empowering youths and women in his constituency are
something he would not take for granted.

The lawmaker who made this known at a two-day empowerment programme he
organized for youths and women of AMAC and Bwari, said that he decided
to make empowerment programme his top priority because when the youths
are empowered, the society would develop very well with struggling.

Jiba said that he knows that challenges of people who live in his
the contingency that they are going through some challenges which the
empowerment could solve.

According to him, most of the people are not educated, that they need
handiwork to survive, that is why the empowerment programme was
organized to make the youths become self-reliant and independent.

“The plight of people in my constituency is my major concern, that is
why the needs to empower them is my priority. I am convinced that with
this empowerment programme, they will have a better living standard.

“What belonged to my people, I will bring it to them, is why we are
empowering them through skills’ acquisition, after which, we will give
them some financial assistance to kick-start the business of their
choice,” he said.

Professor Sambaba Tande, from Nasarawa state university, one of the
resource persons spoke to the beneficiaries on entrepreneurship, that
he had the feeling that if they teach youths what it takes to be an
entrepreneur, they will achieve their dreams in life.

“Every one of us has something deposited in him that if well utilized
we can easily make it in life. That was why we taught them
entrepreneurship, which was centred on agriculture, because
agriculture has a major role to play in the development of a nation,”
he said.