Otuaro, H.R.M Josiah, Angele, others nominated for Bayelsa Media Network Awards


Eunice Nnachi, Yenagoa

Bayelsa Media Network Awards (B.M.N.A) that is in the business of celebrating those with the Midas touch in their various space is poised to yet again roll out the red carpet for the fourth edition to showcase personalities, institutions and brands that have continue to blaze the trail with sterling qualities and performance that define what a better society should look like.

The organization has for the Umpteenth time reiterated that it would not allow the sterling qualities or inroad made by drivers in the public and private sector go unnoticed, owing to the multiplier effect such act could generate when celebrated and showcased to the public.

The BMNA’s criteria is unbiased, fair, transparent and in tandem with the norms of Due Process, in-line with legal creed that the Law is blind, the Association only recognizes and award excellence, dexterity, proficiency which is the core values and operational ethos of the organizers.

It is pertinent to know that uncelebrated public or private officers would never be motivated, however some Nigerians in the public and private sectors have been outstanding in their chosen career and have also gone into oblivion because nobody recognizes their input to advance society.

The above, were the drivers that spurred the formation of the BMNA with clear objectives, aims and goals as mentioned earlier.

While previous editions recorded success this year’s edition slated for 26th December 2022 would be more successful, just as it has become an house.