‘We’re re-energized by what we saw across the country says Obi


The Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi has reviewed state-by-state campaign rallies that kicked off in Nasarswa state on Saturday 29 October 2022, and rounded up in Lagos On Saturday, February 11, 2023, describing his experience as awesome and inspiring.

Exchanging views with some journalists after the exhaustive state-by-state rally, Obi said that more than ever before the resolve to lead the take-back Nigeria movement is far strengthened than before he and Datti embarked on the campaign.

“From one state to the other, we saw a people fatigued by failed governance but looking very eager and willing to see a new Nigeria”, the Presidential candidate declared.

Obi said that rather than feeling fatigued and exhausted, the rally has reenergized them and has become a propelling catalyst for Datti and me because Nigerians of all tribes, religions, regions, classes, and sex are unanimous in their desire for a real change and a new Nigeria.

His words: “The love shown to me and Datti in all the places we went has energized us into wanting to render all to rescue this country.
We saw poverty which shouldn’t be for a naturally endowed nation like ours, we saw people denied compassion by their leaders.

“We saw energy and vitality being wasted, youths in their productive age wrongly deploying their talents because of lack of direction and engagement.

“In the East, West, North, and South we saw conspicuously unanimity of abandonment arising from failure of governance.

” I saw poverty in the North, but I also saw untapped talent, underutilized and wrongly deployed energy, and also saw vast arable land, the country’s future gold, and oil.

“I am thrilled by what I saw across the country in the people’s zeal for something different; people who are suffering but are hopeful about tomorrow. People are disappointed by the failed leadership over the years but remain optimistic and expectant about tomorrow.

“Our top priority remains securing and uniting the country because without security there is nothing anybody can achieve and without harmony among the people, there can not be meaningful progress.

“ I am grateful for the show of love from all the states and I appreciate and assure the people that Datti and I will not disappoint them. We will deliver exactly what we have promised.”

The LP standard bearer charged the people to activate the, “take back Nigeria project” by ensuring that they come in their numbers to cast their votes for character, competence, capacity, and capabilities and to reject any sentiment of tribe, religion, or my turn because it’s indeed the turn of Nigerian youths to take back their country and rebuild it.