2023 Elections: Abuja natives threaten withdrawal of support for Non-Indigenes 


By Chioma Nnodim 

Abuja natives under the aegis of the Coalition of FCT indigenes and Stakeholders Forum, have issued a strong threat to withdraw all supports for non-natives whom they have always supported. 

In an emergency meeting, on Tuesday in Abuja, the FCT indigenous peoples noted that they were miffed by a conspiracy by other Nigerians they have solidly stood behind and supported for electoral and other positions in the nation’s capital.

Coordinator of the Forum, Comrade Habakkuk Lukman while disclosing this to Journalists after the meeting, lamented that the only seat they have at the National Assembly has been taken away from them through “election conspiracy and rigging” by other Nigerians, especially the Igbos. 

“We will direct all indigenous communities to withdraw all support being enjoyed by none indigenes, exepciially the Igbos whom we have lived with peacefully, but sadly, they went ahead to conspire and vote against the only indigenous seat we have at the National Assembly during Saturday 2023 general elections,” he decried. 

Threatening to show the other side of their character to none indigenes, the FCT original inhabitants added that they have “accommodated them for years, and given them all the necessary protection over the years, ranging from the rampant demolition by the FCDA. 

“In the history of Nigeria, no state has accommodated the Igbos more than we have done. We have treated them like part of us and most of their children were born here, and in some cases, we even inter marry ourselves, but they did not consider it. 

“They mobilized themselves and want to collect the only seat we are having at the National Assembly without considering our plight,”he cried out.