North Central Govs, APC Told To Adopt Yusuf Gagdi As Consensus Choice for Speaker


Governors of the ruling All Progressives Congress in the North Central, National Assembly caucus as well as other party leaders from the region, have been urged to adopt Hon Yusuf Gagdi as their consensus candidate for Speaker.

The North Central APC Progressive Leaders’ Forum made this appeal in a statement signed by its president Hon Moses Onuh on Tuesday.

Onuh said they also met with other groups across the country to discuss the possibility of supporting the North Central to produce the next Speaker.

As critical stakeholders in the region, the group said it had carried out extensive research on all aspirants to put forward the best whose interest is in the people’s welfare.

Onuh said from their findings, Gagdi is well-placed to succeed Femi Gbajabiamila in the 10th National Assembly, adding that other zones have already thrown their weight behind the Chairman of the House Committee on Navy.

He described Gagdi as a highly detribalized Nigerian and a devout Muslim who is very cosmopolitan.

Onuh added that the lawmaker representing Pankshin/Kanam/Kanke federal constituency embodies integrity, capacity, and competence, especially in his core legislative duties.

He, therefore, tasked the North Central to take advantage of this opportunity and support Gagdi among other qualified candidates.

“Gagdi is a trailblazer. A young man on a mission, he has already broken records in less than four in the National Assembly. He has made the whole nation take notice of his accomplishments,” the statement read.

“Gagdi sponsored or co-sponsored 18 bills altogether and six were passed into law in a parliament where it takes an average of 2 and a half years to pass a single bill. Four of them have to do with the funding of tertiary institutions: two Federal Universities in Plateau and Delta states; one Federal Polytechnic and one Federal College of Education, in different areas in Plateau.

“Another Gagdi-sponsored bill is related to fixing up some of the gaps in the Police Act, thereby making it more equitable, inclusive, and collaborative. Another bill is related to our ports and waterways, resulting in the establishment of the National Hydrographic Agency to accurately chart these waterways. The last bill helped to establish the Maritime Security Trust Fund, effectively granting a special fund held in trust for the Nigerian Navy.

“This is unprecedented in history. If anything, it shows that Gagdi is interested in the welfare and improved conditions of Nigerians. His accomplishments affirm that leadership is not about age, ethnicity, or religion but capacity and competence. It is not how long but how well. Hon Gagdi is a legislator and a leader whose grasp of issues surpasses his age.

“Gagdi’s impacts have been felt at home too in terms of infrastructure and job creation. Among others, he built 28 units of classroom blocks in 28 different locations, 14 modern primary health care units, three decent police posts, 2,100 units of solar street lights, 264 hand pumps and motorised boreholes, six town halls, and skill acquisition centers, and 23 roads, to name a few. He has also erected 24 palaces and corresponding offices for traditional officials with each costing an estimated N100 million.

“Gagdi has pledged to stop project duplications in the national budget if elected Speaker and has already consulted over 25 governors. He has the backing of most of them. He is also the favourite candidate among his peers.

“However, what he needs now is the support of his kinsmen. Gagdi is our own. He has distinguished himself in the 9th NASS and will do more if given the responsibility.

“We must not miss this opportunity. This is a rallying call to all APC governors, NASS members, and party leaders to support Gagdi in the interest of the North Central. He is the best man for the job”.