Hon. Salam commends Tinubu, over adoption of Orisabye report


By Aaron Ossai

Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Public Accounts, Hon. Bamidele Salam has lauded the efforts of President Bola Tinubu for his courage and patriotism in addressing a significant issue plaguing public finance and urged similar action on the 2014 Confab Report.

The commendation comes in the wake of President Tinubu’s decisive actions aimed at tackling one of the major drains on public funds.

The lawmaker made this release after the Federal Executive Council decision on Monday, February 26 for the full implementation of Steve Oronsaye’s panel report to reduce the cost of governance, restructuring, and rationalisation of federal agencies, parastatals, and commissions.

He emphasized the importance of similar actions being taken regarding the 2014 National Conference report. The report, which contains crucial recommendations for national development and governance, has yet to be fully implemented.

According to him, “The Confab report contained Devolution of Power, Political Restructuring and Forms of Government, National Security; Environment; Politics and Governance; Law, Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal Reform.

“Social Welfare; Transportation; Agriculture; Society, Labour, and Sports; Public Service; Electoral Matters, Foreign Policy and Diaspora Matters, Land Tenure Matters, and National Boundary.

“Trade and Investment, Energy; Religion; Public Finance and Revenue Generation, Science, Technology and Development Immigration

“The Report of 2014 National Confab is the only master plan/road map for restructuring Nigeria for the sake of peace, unity, progress, faith, love and tolerance in Nigeria.”

Salam noted the necessity of addressing the recommendations outlined in the 2014 Confab report, asserting that its implementation would significantly contribute to the advancement of the Nation.

He urged fellow legislators to support any bills and other measures that will be presented by the president in the course of carrying out full implementation of the Orosanye’s report.

As discussions surrounding the effective utilization of public resources continue to gain momentum, Representative Salam’s call for action on the 2014 Confab report, explained the importance of proactive governance in driving socio-economic development and fostering national unity.