Christian Broadcasting Network empowers Nigerian media


By Our Correspondent

Christian Broadcasting Network Africa (CBN AFRICA) has said through its Annual Television Stations Training Abuja, it has improved the capacity of Nigerian Media.

Christian Broadcasting Network Africa (CBN Africa) is a Christian media and humanitarian organization producing family-themed and faith-based programming for all ages.

Through its humanitarian arm, CBN Africa said it has provided free medical services, relief from hunger and disaster, educational support for orphans and community empowerment.

According to Dr Felix Oisamoje, the Regional Director CBN Anglophone West Africa, the CBN Africa management said it is thrilled to announce its annual TV stations training program, reinforcing the Nigerian media landscape. Aligned with our mission to serve communities and drive positive change, strengthening the media is crucial for fostering informed and empowered societies.

The statement reads in part, “This training aims to significantly contribute to the growth of the Nigerian TV sector, sustaining its vital role in shaping public discourse. Scheduled to take place from 4th to 8th March, 2024, this week-long exclusive training initiative taking place at the CBN Anglophone West Africa Headquarters in Abuja will impart extensive knowledge and insights to participants, fostering skill development, and elevating the standards of television production in Nigeria.

“As a gesture of appreciation to our partner television stations, CBN Africa seeks to contribute to the industry’s growth and excellence, ensuring that it has access to the resources and expertise needed to thrive in today’s dynamic media landscape. The training program will cover a spectrum of topics including state-of-the-art program production technologies, content creation, storytelling, journalism ethics, and audience engagement strategies.

“At CBN Africa, we view TV station training as a means of enhancing the value provided to our partner stations airing our programs. Renowned for our commitment to excellence in TV programming and production, we aspire to extend this same level of proficiency and expertise to our partner stations, thereby contributing to the overall elevation of TV program production standards in Nigeria,” says Dr, Felix Oisamoje the Regional Director CBN Anglophone West Africa.