PDP moves to resolve all lingering issues as NEC meets


By Okechukwu Jombo

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP Governors Forum has said all issues within the party will be resolved today and that the party will not allow anybody to factionalize the party as National Executive Committee of the party meets in Abuja

Bauchi state Governor Bala Muhammad who is chairman of the forum made this known yesterday’s after their meeting

On the issue of chairmanship of the party he said the issues have been resolved and we are looking forward to doing everything within the constitutional provision of the party. So we are not here, to discuss it here in this meeting that is preceding this meeting to discuss a change of leadership.

He added “We are talking about resolving all the issues and going forward, so that at the end of the day, the timeliness allowed in the constitution for Congresses and what have you, would have been done. But certainly the public are free to permutate, to discuss and of course NEC will decide on some of these issues.”

He further said there is no any contending force, who is NEC, NEC is the PDP Governors Forum and other stakeholders, so we are just a portion of NEC, we cannot talk on behalf of NEC until we get there.

NEC will take decisions on such issues not the Governors, I know the Governors normally takes leadership position, but we have an acting person in leadership capacity leading the party and NEC will decide whether it is time to fill the vacancy looking at the legal implications of doing that, knowing that they are so many lingering litigations in court and of course we don’t want to disparage ourselves, because we know that they are some marauders hiding somewhere trying to factionalize our party and take one faction to go and do coalition, we are not going to allow that as governors. We are very responsible and we are very credible and we make sure we are resolving all the issues and unify the party for maximum efficiency and success in the next election”, he stressed.

The meeting was held with six PDP governors of Akwa Ibom, Bauchi, Delta, Rivers, Adamawa and Bayelsa and Deputy Governors of Enugu and Edo.

It’s preceding the NEC meeting scheduled for today.