Borno state Residents clamour for Abba Kyari release as he loses mother


By Blessing Bature

The residents of Borno state clamoured for unconditional release of DCP Abba Kyari as he loses Mum While In Prison, pointing out that his continuous detention is orchestrated by certain interests, and it’s illegal and unjustifiable.

Different groups have appealed to President Bola Tinubu to look into the case of Kyari and grant him a Presidential pardon. There’s no doubt that he’s known to be one of the finest cops whose achievements in combating dangerous crimes in the country remain unbeatable.

The Residents of Borno vented their anger against the injustice mented on DCP Abba Kyari as he loses mother while still in jail, saying Kyari “would definitely be compensated by the People of his state in 2027 and his enemies will see his Ultimate greatness in 2027 by GOD’s Grace.

Recall, Kyari has been in jail for over two years without bail on a bailable matter and failed to give final respect to his mother who passed on on Sunday 5/5/2024 and was buried according to Islamic rites.

The residents informed that Kyari led the operation that ended all Boko Haram Terrorist Suicide bombings in Borno State in 2018 by arresting all the Terrorist involved in over 200 Suicide bombings in the state, by the singulair action, he saved thousand of lives in Borno state.

Also, he and his team also arrested the Boko Haram terrorist that kidnapped the Chibok School Girls in 2014 among hundreds of good he has done for our people in Borno and Yobe States. He is our HERO and LEGEND and we will compensate him unfailingly by GOD’s Grace.

One Mohammed, who attended the burial rites stated, “This is injustice. How can a man who served Nigeria meritoriously be treated this way. It’s wrong,”

Residents of Borno State also turned out in massive numbers to attend the burial of the mother of DCP Abba Kyari who had continued to languish in jail because of alleged set up on allegations that lawyers have said are completely bailable in law.

Another sympathiser who identified himself as Alli said, “Where’s Kyari? Why are they holding him? They can keep him but we know he’s here with us.

“Kyari is a good man,” he said adding, “When he’s freed, we would declare him a hero because he’s our hero. He served us well and served the country well.”

A lady who said Kyari helped rescue her husband from kidnappers, who came from Chibok, epicentre of kidnapping and Boko Haram terrorist attacks wept when she learnt Kyari could not be allowed to bury the mother.

“How can they not allow Kyari to bury the mother? This is wrong. This is bad. It’s wickedness.

“What did he do that they cannot allow him to bury his mother. These kinds of things make some Nigerians not to sacrifice for the country,” she lamented.

She added that, “My husband was kidnapped and Abba (Kyari) rescued him alongside many people. We were told to pay N100m but Kayri led his team personally to rescue him.

“He (Kyari) is a fighter, a dogged fighter and action man, who helped to solve insecurity problems but since he’s locked up, kidnapping has increased,” she said.

Kyari ‘s mother, Yachilla Imam Kyari, died in the early hours of Sunday the 5th of May.

A statement issued by the family announcing her death said she’s survived by Mrs Yana, Mrs Kaka Hajja, DCP Abba Kyari, Mrs Hajjja Gana Kyari and Mr Baba Gana Kyari.

DCP Abba Kyari is the Eldest son among her 10 living Children, though he is the 3rd among her 10 children. She also lost 2 children in the past.

Others are Mr Baba Goni Kyari, Mrs Yana Ngala, Mrs Bawa Hajja, Mr Baba Gana and Mr Gimba.

In all, she left behind 10 Children, 5 males and 5 females.

It’s not good news to the Kyari‘s family as the eldest son Abba Kyari is still in detention.

Though it’s believe that the passing away of the mother might not be unconnected to the continuous incarceration of his eldest son Abba Kyari.

While the mother passed on, the solace is that it’s a celebration of life for Yachilla who witnessed and midwife the children to adolescence and seeing them prosperous.