ITUC-Africa plans strategy to promote decent jobs for young Africans workers in implementation of AfCFTA


ITUC-Africa has expressed its resolve to ensure that the interests of African workers, including youth and women, especially in the area of decent job creation are protected in the implementation of the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement.

Our Correspondent reports that with more than 80% of employment In Africa being in informal, absorbing many of the continent’s young employment seekers and women, the question being asked is how can these people benefit from the AfCFTA?

ITUC-Africa said in response to this, it will host a 3-day Academy to build the capacity of young trade unionists where statement on the position of young Africans on AfCFTA and youth employment is developed

Since the lunch of AfCFTA, African trade unions led by ITUC-Africa has sought to priorities how workers can be well integrated in the AfCFTA process?

“By promoting more labour-intensive trade, AfCFTA is expected to create more employment. But ITUC-Africa said from a trade union perspective, it is important to question the quality of such employment that will result,” the regional organisation stated in a brief brief made available journalists ahead of the workshop.

According to the brief, ITUC-Africa noted with concern that by 2050, Africa’s youth population is projected to reach 460 million people, six times the size of the youth population of Europe.

It stated that this demographic shift will be Africa’s biggest challenge, but it also provides its most significant opportunity.

” It is expected that the AfCFTA will produce more jobs for Africa’s bulging youth population. This is because extractive exports, on which Africa’s trade is currently based, are less labour-intensive than the manufactures and agricultural goods that will benefit most from AfCFTA,” the organisation noted.

It daid the objective of the training scheduled to commence November 23 is to build the capacity of the African young and women trade union actors to understand trade and investment issues in relation to industrialisation, employment creation and sustainable development in Africa in connection with the AfCFTA.

It will also avail ample opportunity to discuss the trade union resolution on “Trade, Africa’s industrialization and economic transformation” to be submitted for the 5th ITUC-Africa Congress for adoption.