Imo guber: Opposition lawmakers kick, ask INEC to declare election illegitimate


By Aaron Ossai

Opposition federal lawmakers led by the Opposition Coalition Spokesperson and House of Representatives member, Hon. Ikenga Ugochinyere has kicked against the result of the November 11 governorship election in Imo state insisting that the result is illegitimate.

Ikenga, representing Ideato North and South Federal Constituency Ikenga Imo state also declared the outcome of the election as a product of “grave electoral rascality and political treason.”

He said that the actors are due to be arrested and prosecuted for committing such a criminal action of announcing manufactured figures in places election never held, inflating figures and results without a single voters accreditation therefore declared Hope Uzodimma a self-imposed Governor who was never a product of a valid election.

The opposition lawmaker said after the deduction of the over voting in areas where election never held or accreditation was never done, the PDP candidate scored the highest number of valid votes and hence INEC ought to have declared Senator Samuel Anyanwu winner.

In a post-election world press conference held in Abuja, the fiery lawmaker and uncompromising advocate of good governance and credible election alongside 30 federal lawmakers condemned the role of INEC, security agencies and APC in the criminal operation called Imo election that saw thugs backed by security agencies maiming, shooting and destroying private property in a bid to cow the people to allow them announce already written figures without accreditation or credible election.

The opposition lawmakers want the US, UK, France Canada as well as other lovers of democracy to place visa ban on the key actors and members of their immediate family in the Imo electoral robbery that have buried any hope of credible election.

“This shameful electoral crime was audaciously carried out even in areas insurgency activities of Unknown Gun Men have made villagers to flee and produced results that some Local Government Areas that populated Lagos cannot produce”, he said.

They insisted that the results from Okigwe, Oru East the governors home, Oru West, Onuimo, Orsu , Oguta, Ohaji, Nwangele, Orlu, Ideato South, Ideato North, Obowo, are the biggest electoral jokes that will ever come out of Africa, adding that 80 percent of the results or votes didn’t happen as there was no accreditation, those with less than 5 percent accreditation ended up having 80 percent voter turnout among others.

They also claimed that the election from these areas and other numerous areas if recalculated by accreditation figures will see that the PDP had the highest valid number of accredited votes.

He called on INEC to invoke the provision on review of false declaration as provided in the Electoral Act and recalculate and declare PDP winner and save the courts and Imo people the agony or long tiring litigation.

The opposition lawmakers and the CUPP spokesperson said there are ongoing moves haven seen the election are void by virtue of false accreditation to commence to upload of fake accreditation numbers on the BVAS to tally with the false results

He insisted that the Imo State Governorship election was marred by wanton rigging, allocation of votes in private homes, declaration of false results, nonuse of the BVAS machine for accreditation intimidation, harassment, snatching of ballot boxes, filling in result sheets even before election started and every other electoral fraud imagined.

He further said that the outcome of the election is illegitimate and the person declared the winner of the election, Senator Hope Uzodimma was not duly elected by the Imo voters as majority of the votes ascribed to him were invalid, void and unlawful votes. Hence we declare him a self-imposed Governor of Imo State.

“We have already exposed evidence of massive over voting from result of BVAS machine accreditation which showed very low turnout and results showing high turnout.

“Moves are on currently in the IT Department of INEC to illegally upload accreditation figures into the BVAS machine to tally with fraud that was committed on Saturday.

“More than 90% of the votes allocated to Hope Uzodimma were not votes that passed through the accreditation process as the turnout in the election was very low and this could be because of the insecurity in Imo State.

“Thugs backed by security agencies were maiming, shooting and destroying private property in a bid to cow the people to allow them announce already written figures without accreditation or credible election.

“It is shameful that the Police did not do anything to investigate the person of Chinasa Nwaneri who has been severally complained against for acts of violence, assault, and he carried it into the election. Viral video of a Civil Defence Officer complaining that the same chinasa Nwaneri led the team of election riggers who snatched the magazine from his rifle and another video showing an attack on the residence of the PDP Deputy Governorship candidate, Hon. Jones Onyeriri where the same Chinasa is mentioned as the person that led the attack should worry the Inspector General of Police.

“It is an act of treason for a person to get himself declared as the Governor of a state and the security agencies should swing into action and arrest everyone involved in that heinous crime of Saturday. The BVAS accreditation record is evidence of the electoral heist that was conducted on Saturday.