Middle Belt condemns report against Emefiele, says it’s empty


Members of the Middle Belt Youths Forum (MBYF) have taken a swipe at the Special Investigator on the Central Bank of Nigeria and Related Entities, Jim Obazee, for submitting what they described as empty and cooked up to President Bola Tinubu.

The middle belt youths made their position known in a statement made available to journalists by their leader, Meliga, on Friday.

They were responding to the report leaked to the press in which the investigator raised sundry issues that they believe are not worthwhile.

The statement read, “Middle belt youths are not aware that this country has gone this low that a committee set up by a sitting President can come up with this thrash and empty.

“To put it nicely, this report is a collection of cooked up stories only suitable for a comedy series or at best a collection of children stories to be ready in the moonlight.

“We call on the President and his handlers not to fall into the temptation of acting on this report which will only prove that the government only set up the committee for the purpose of siphoning money.

“If this is a strategy to keep Emefiele perpetually behind bars, we say no to it.

“We also call on the President to thread with caution on Emefiele’s matter and caution his men against courting unnecessary controversy.”