Obaze’s report, witch-hunt voyage for waste of public funds -ACJHR


The African Centre for Justice and Human Rights (ACJHR) has described the report of the Special Investigator on the Central Bank of Nigeria and Related Entities, Jim Obazee, as a vindication of a former CBN Governor, Dr Godwin Emefiele.

ACJHR, in a statement issued during the weekend by its Coordinator, Nduka Edede Chinonso, said the report which lacked the necessary depth to make it credible was a mere waste of public funds.

It said the investigator himself ought to be investigated for wasting public funds.

The statement reads: “The report of the special investigator is best described as an empty outcome of a blind witch hunt built on hearsay and lacking in indebt forensic investigation.

“It is a concocted report aimed at or focused on scandalizing Emefiele instead of doing a detailed work of proving the false claims that Emefiele had Nigeria in his pocket.

“The Obaze Committee and his work is filled with intellectual laziness as he went to itemise all official actions of the CBN and raised a query by the side of each.

“Everything in that report is about a weak allegation of procedure and process adopted by the bank in discharging its mandate and no longer about the imaginary missing trillions Obaze was taking about

“The actions were even done legitimately, hence the reason Obaze was able to see them from the numerous documents he was handed over from the bank from which he chooses those to make public and those not to work on.”