Group Debunk malicious accusation by IJAW Youths Liberation


By Blessing Bature

Group under the ages of third phase of the Presidential Amnesty Program (PAP) has countered the negative and malicious accusation by a group of malfeasance parading themselves as IJAW Youths Liberation (IYL)

The National Chairman of the group, Gen. Elaye Slabor, in a statement in abuja, insisted on setting the agenda straight. That the so called (IYL) to the best of our knowledge is not captured or known as a ” Camp” in the Presidential Amnesty Program (PAP) therefore they are not an authority to speak on the subject which they know little to nothing about.

He said ordinarily we would not have gratify the group with a response, but we are here to debunk every statement they have said that there is no iota of truth in it. It was said in bad light to achieve a negative end. Such reckless, cheap and frivolous blackmail does not, and cannot be allowed to fly.

The Presidential Amnesty Program cooperative Scheme is strictly for the beneficiaries of the Amnesty Program and those who participated in the scheme have been duly remunerated. As at the last count, the least of beneficiaries recieved a minimum of one million naira while others got upto five million naira .

On the strength of this, we fault the misleading story by the (IYL). For the avoidance of doubt, we challenge the Ijaw Youth Liberation to reach out to participants of the scheme to confirm by themselves.

The likes of Ebiakpo Godswill and his co-travellers are specialist in disseminating false information and they should never be taken seriously.

On the issue of contractors not being paid, it is unfortunate that the so called (IYL) have been paid to carry out this satanic acts. Contractors who are yet to be captured cannot be paid unless they have been properly verified and captured to avoid lack of job delivery or sub-standard jobs. So, contractors who have been captured are paid as at when due. Therefore the claim that only cronnies recieve payments is irresponsible.

The entire excos of the third Phase of the Presidential Amnesty Program (PAP) ably lead by Gen. Elaye Slabor are in total solidarity and support with the interim administration of Gen. Barry Ndiomu(Rtd). We also demand outright apology from the faceless group whose ulterior motive is to engender friction between the interim coordinator of the Amnesty Program and the presidency.

“For the avoidance of doubt, here are some salient achievements Maj. Gen. Barry Ndiomu(Rtd). The cooperative Scheme is ongoing smoothly and thousands have benefitted. Over a hundred persons have benefited from the aviation trainings both at home and abroad. The current scholarship program ongoing is targeted to benefit another great number of people. The vocational training program which will soon roll out will have a sweeping effect across the region”.

“We sincerely call on Mr. President, Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the National Security Advisor (NSA) Mr. Nuhu Ribadu and the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mr. Kayode Egbetokun to be mindful of people spreading fake news in order to discredit well meaning Nigerians who are adding value to this present administration”.

“We are very aware that they are paid to do such damaging jobs without recourse to the consequences”.

Slabor therefore appeal to the federal government to disregard such malicious accusation as it was meant to distract the discerning millions of Nigerians.