Nigeria, EU launch joint program for reintegration in North-east


By Ere-ebi Agedah Imisi

Federal Government in collaboration with the European Union and supported by a consortium of UN agencies, has initiated a program aimed at fostering reconciliation and reintegration in communities affected by terrorism in the northeast region.

Targeting Adamawa, Borno, and Yobe States, the program will enhance social cohesion, combat stigmatization, promote tolerance, and foster a sense of belonging within these communities.

Speaking on the initiative, Nuhu Ribadu, National Security Advisor noted that the program’s will support authorities in effectively addressing terrorism-related offenses, ensuring accountability, and providing redress for serious crimes.

‘‘Building upon previous peace-building endeavors, the program aims to bolster community-based approaches by empowering existing frameworks to facilitate healing, reconciliation, and gradual reintegration of former associates of non-state armed groups’’ he said.

While highlighting the importance of collective action and consultation with local stakeholders in achieving healing, reconciliation, and reintegration, EU Ambassador to Nigeria and ECOWAS, Samuela Isopi, stated that the EU is committed to support the process, aiming to rebuild household and communal bonds while fostering hope in the North East.

‘‘Healing, reconciliation and reintegration in the North-east of Nigeria are possible. However, to achieve it, we must work together with all local stakeholders and leverage our collective expertise in close consultation and the necessary respect for the affected communities.

“This is why we are happy to continue supporting this process in the hope that it will help rebuild broken bridges within families and communities and open pathways of hope”, she added.