Sanitation Fraud: Wike orders Council Chairmen for thorough investigation before demanding for payment


Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike, has alleged fraud in the payments for the cleaning of the Area Councils in the FCT, emphasising that it would no longer work that way if the job was not done.

The Minister, who was speaking during the swearing ceremony of the new Coordinator of the Satellite Towns Development Department, Abdulkadir Zulkiflu, said the Area Council Chairmen have now been directed to vet the cleanliness of their communities before papers are sent to demand payments from the administration.

He also charged the coordinator to ensure that things were properly done at the Area councils before any papers were sent for payments.

“Also, in cleaning the satellite towns, let me just say clearly, that is an area of fraud, that we are seeing a lot of fraud. Because we do not even know whether they are cleaning the place, and at the end of the day, they put in paper to pay.

The other day I was coming back from Kwali, and I called the Permanent Secretary, Area Councils, I say ‘Look at the roads, look at the whole refuse, if I didn’t pass here now, at the end of the month, they would have put paper, money, pay’. So, what we have done now, is to make sure that all the Area Council Chairmen are involved in vetting before payment is carried out. Now you are coming, you are the Coordinator, you make sure that these things are done very well before you send me any paper”, he said

Wike also emphasised the importance of the office of the STDD Coordinator, noting that several persons had lobbied for the position, and charged him to see his appointment as being found worthy to contribute to national development.

“See it as that Mr President finds you worthy to contribute at this point in time, to national development, particularly as regards the Federal Capital Territory Administration. So many people are looking for this opportunity, so many people lobbied. So, the position you occupy is very important, very important.

Luckily, you know how to speak Hausa, so you can relate with them very well there, you can relate with them and speak the language they will understand. So once more, congrats,” the minister added.