Glisten Int’ Academy Student Named VEX Robotics Brand Ambassador: A Triumph for Nigeria


    Muhammad Abubakar Abdullahi, who is lead driver in the High School VEX has been named a VEX Robotics Brand Ambassador, marking a significant milestone in the realm of technology and innovation.

    The prestigious title bestowed upon Muhammad Abubakar Abdullahi , whose name has quickly become synonymous with excellence, highlights not only his individual accomplishments but also the collective success of Glisten International Academy and Nigeria.

    Muhammad Abubakar Abdullahi ,currently part of the team representing Nigeria in Dallas, joins the ranks of global ambassadors, serving as a beacon of inspiration and a to the ingenuity and talent nurtured within Nigeria’s educational institutions.

    As the nation continues to make strides in the fields of robotics and technological advancement, this achievement serves as a compelling reminder of the boundless potential residing within its youth.

    With competitions on the horizon, including the upcoming Middle and Elementary levels, Glisten International Academy remains poised to showcase its commitment to excellence and innovation on the international stage.

    As the world watches with anticipation, the triumph of Glisten International Academy’s student serves as a powerful reminder of Nigeria’s place in the global landscape of technology and innovation, propelling the nation to new heights of success and recognition.