Okuama: Troops recover decomposing hearts of slain soldiers, launches manhunt for killers


By Emmanuel Obisue

In the aftermath of the gruesome killing of 18 military personnel in Okuama Community, in Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State; Nigerian troops have discovered the remains of decomposing hearts of the slain personnel, and has equally launched a manhunt for their killers.

It would be recalled that during the barbaric killings that took place on March 14, the hearts and stomachs of the soldiers were allegedly harvested, while some also had their head severed off from the body.

In a statement at the weekend, Director of Defence Media Operations, Major General Edward Buba, disclosed that “troops have continued a manhunt for the perpetrators of the barbaric killing of 18 soldiers”, and that “clearance operations as well as cordon and search were conducted to among other things recover the weapons of the deceased soldiers”.

“Some of the communities in which troops have operated include: Akugbene, Ukuama and Okoloba Communities in Ugheli and Ugheli South of Delta State. Others are; Ukuama Amusamo, Akwagbe, Arhavwarien,Pirigbene and Igbomatoro Communities all in Delta State. The decomposing hearts of some of the killed soldiers were recovered during search, while the manhunt continues with no significant arrest yet made,” Buba stated.

The military also dismissed a viral video of a person admitting to have perpetrated the killings of the soldiers in Delta State.

“The video among other things helps to narrow investigations to persons of interest and their cohorts. Accordingly, the state government and host communities of these personalities are required to assist instigation in flushing them out. There can be no hiding place for perpetrators of such dastardly act against our nation. This is a clarion call to duty by members of those communities and the state governments,” Buba added.