HRH Alhaji Lamido Sanusi’s Alarm And Igbo Youths: A Deep Reflaction


I was seriously taken aback when I saw the media reports where the former Emir of Kano and former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, HRH Alhaji Lamido Sanusi was credited with quotes in which he advised that “Nigeria will be history, if Igbo youths picks arms”

However, upon a careful deliberation and analysis of the statement, I arrived at two case scenarios. One is that HRH Alhaji Sanusi means well that he may have commenced the process of mobilising his people to prevail on the Buhari led central government of the Collapsing British Republic of Nigeria, to do the needful towards a peaceful renegotiation of the unity, demographics and constitution of Nigeria, based on the principles of equity, natural justice and good conscience. The second case scenario is that this may be a case of mischief, on the part of the respected, powerful, mordern, well educated and influential Northern Nigeria leader, from the ruling Fulani tribe. Nonetheless, I sincerely hope and pray that the first case scenario is the right call, meaning that the former Emir of Kano means well.

Further, in the event that the second case scenario is the right call and mischief is intended, I am happy to note that the majority of Igbo Youth are much smarter and wiser today than ever, to ignore these kind of bogus lines. Thus, no individual can talk them into high intensity violent (armed) conflict, which may have been carefully orchestrated to precipitate another round of genocidal attacks against the Igbo NATION of Eastern Nigeria. This cannot work now. This is not 1966/67. Nigeria is dealing with a new, modern and highly sophisticated generation of young Igbo men and women, scattered all over the world.

Charles Obinna Chukwunaru, PhD