Anglican Bishop tasks politicians, Govt on security of lives


By Kayode Abdulazeez

Most Rev Isaac Afolabi Amoo has called on the political leaders and government at all levels to always ensure that they provide adequate security for the lives and property of the people of the country.

The cleric, who is the Bishop of the Diocese of New Bussa, Anglican Communion (Church of Nigeria) made the call at the ongoing 5th Synod of the Church held at St John Church, New Bussa, Kwara State Province.

The bishop, in his message, pointed out that our security forces must equally review their strategies, and seek help from advanced nations to complement their efforts.

Amoo stressed the need for the government at all levels to finance, and give adequate priority to the security of lives and property.

“If the situation in Nigeria were to be half of what it is today, violence, intolerance, and fear in 1914, the various nationalities that constituted Nigeria would have not have come together as done by Lord Lugard and his wife.

“Efforts in the past to have a credible national census were bedeviled by warped notions of what the census is all about. Thus fake and unrealistic figures were released.

“Our duty as a Diocese is to appeal to all ethnic groups, regions, and religions to assist Nigeria to break the jinx of failed census exercise.

“We should not allow the competition between religions and tribes to deny us of social progress.

“Before the advent of the civilian regimes of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, this country has been fighting the monster called corruption, every administration with a promise to fight this monster.

“We should give kudos to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, who set up the institution that can be reported to, such as the EFCC, ICPC, Code of Conduct Bureau, and Code of Conduct Tribunal.

“The regimes after him had so much at hand, that sometimes we wonder whether they are truly fighting corruption or is it corruption that is fighting them.

“Many Nigerians had given up hope that something would ever be done again as corruption is generally assumed to be of national proportion, connecting all power blocks at the national, state, local, and traditional levels.

“The Government of Major General Muhammadu Buhari needs to vindicate the sit down –wait -cynics if truly he is doing anything to fight corruption because the situation on the ground does not show that the government is fighting, but rather encouraging corruption.

“Many of the government projects and programmes are nothing but corruption”, he said.