Ideato Reps seat: Appeal Court upholds Ikenga Imo as validly nominated PDP candidate


By our correspondent

Appeal Court in Owerri has again upheld Barr. Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere as the validly nominated candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP for the Ideato Federal Constituency’s House of Representatives election next February.

The court dismissed the appeal filed by Hon. George Igbo for grossly running foul of extant laws and the practise direction.

The court described the appeal as a waste of time and the appellant, as unserious, having deemed to have abandoned his suit until few days to the end of the litigation window.

Commenting on the judgment, a member of the defence team, Barr. Ibeh E. J said: “This is a pre-election matter which has a strict timeline under which it is supposed to be determined by the court.”

“George Igbo had filed his notice of appeal within 14 days, but he did not compile, transmit and serve his record of appeal within 10 days as required under the practise direction for pre-election matters.

“Igbo did not also file his brief of arguement within seven days as prescribed by the practise direction.

“Emeka Ozoani, SAN representing Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere as the 8th respondent filed a notice of preliminary objection urging the court to decline jurisdiction to hear the appeal on the ground that it is almost deemed abandoned, it has become otiose and academic.

“So the Court of Appeal, presided over by Justice Pemu, took arguements in that respect and delivered this ruling upholding the preliminary objection and striking out the appeal for not complying with the law” he said.

According to him, the court took due cognizance that the Court of Appeal has 60 days within which to hear and determine the appeal and that 60 days will elapse next Monday being 7th of November.

The Court therefore concluded that there is no way a diligent appellant who is serious about his appeal would have waited until few days to the expiration of the 60 days for the court to start hearing his appeal.

“So the court ruled that the appellant, George Igbo was not diligent and was clearly not ready to pursue his appeal, and as such is deemed to have abandoned the appeal having failed to do the basic things mandatorily required of him, for a valid appeal.

“On that basis, the court declined jurisdiction and consequently struck out the appeal”, he added.

It will be recalled that this judicial victory will be the third time Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere is defeating George Igbo in the court since the end of party primaries, and the 6th time he is winning and surmounting court actions challenging his nomination filed by state actors and non-state actors.