Re-instate VC, Heads of Tertiary Institutions, CSOs Urges Plateau Governor


By Mathew Dadiya

Coalition of Civil Society (CSOs) and right activists have called on Plateau State Governor, Caleb Mutfwang to rescind his decision of sacking or replacing the Vice Chancellor of Plateau State University and Heads of tertiary institutions in the state.

The civil society group said, “it is an aggression taken too far as the academia is separate from politics and should not be tampered with especially when those offices are lawfully tenured.”

In a press statement issued by in Abuja on Thursday and signed by the chairman of the coalition, Comrade Palm Jatau in response to the sacking of the Vice Chancellor of Plateau State University, Prof Matur B. Malau and Heads of Tertiary institutions, the group frowned at such action by the governor describing it as the most erroneous decision on the planet earth especially when these appointees have not committed any offence.

“Even when they have committed an offence, there exists due process that must be followed in exercising disciplinary action on them,” the statement added.

They reminded the governor that he was voted into office as a better alternative to the former APC administration in the state and as a result should uphold the best principle in all his actions including this matter to retain the love the people have for him.

“The academia is the conscience of the society where ethics, morals and standards guiding humanity is nurtured. For a government to begin to take actions that are not properly anchored on justice fairness and utmost decorum is to say the least an attempt to sink the institutions into abysmal opprobrium” it stated.

The statement also added that students of Plateau state University and those institutions whose Heads were sacked have all been protesting this inconceivable action of the state governor calling on the government to reinstate the headship of the various tertiary institution as anything on the contrary will derail the programs of the institutions.

“Higher institutions are governed by rule of law and not draconian, In that sense there is a laid down procedure for appointing and removing the Heads, acting otherwise will dislocate the foundation and fabrics on which the institutions are built,” the statement added.

While commending Governor Mutfang for some laudable developmental initiatives he has been taking since assumption of office, the group drew the governors attention to the fact that Tertiary institutions are custodians of the youthful class and restive components of the society, cautioning that as plateau works towards building enduring peace, he should be wary of any decision that could regenerate crisis in the state like removing the Heads of Higher institutions loved by the students without due process stressing that he should retrace his step.

‘’A stitch in time they say saves nine’’ the statement concluded.