Yenagoa residents harps on dredging Epie Creeks to avert flood


By Eunice Nnachi, Yenagoa

Concerned residents in Yenagoa has emphasized the need for proactive government action, particularly dredging the Epie creek to prevent yearly flooding and improve living conditions

They made the disclosure when the members of the Federated Correspondent Chapel of Nigeria Union of Journalists, went round for its under spot tour of canals and drainages around Yenagoa metropolis, Bayelsa state.

The residents noted with dismay the neglect of the Epie Creek in Yenagoa, which has led to yearly flooding challenges for residents.

They averred that, the creek, an important water body in the region, suffers from poor water quality due to waste disposal and human activities.

Recent calls have been made for the canalization of Epie Creek to prevent floods and enhance economic activities in the area to no avail.

Environmentalists have also highlighted the impact of water hyacinth blockage on the creek, causing economic hardship and loss of livelihoods for residents.

Efforts are being urged to clear the water hyacinth and address the environmental challenges faced by communities along Epie Creek.

Pastor Tariebi Blessed Kalakai, a resident who spoke on the issue said that, “government should dug up the creek, it will go a long way to check the yearly flooding that has affected most houses beside the creek. But most times government go on crash programme when flood comes.

“The real solution to this creek is to pile from Igbogene to Government House, that is all. Government should partner with Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC and do it in phases, the people will be happy.

“Government is a continuum, if this government can’t complete it , another will continue with it. The major problem of flooding in Bayelsa state is the Epie Creek which is connecting all the communities. If government can dredge it above flood level, it will help,” he added.

According to the Pastor, residents have been suffering the neglect by government not to take care of the situation despite the billions that comes into the state. The government’s inability to take proactive steps will continue to affect not only residents along the communities but even relations of top government officials.

” We decided that let’s be suffering and smiling because we are all affected, even their relatives.
He attributed the continued neglect as lack of government will. We see it as a poor state of our government despite the huge amount of monthly allocations that accrues the state.