Friday, March 31, 2023
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Amb Olusola Latunji tasks youths on self-development

Youths in Nigeria have been urged to do better in the area of time management & self-development.

Ambassador Olusola Latunji made the call after being conferred with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Ambassador of Peace Award.

Speaking to journalists during the award at the just concluded Pan-African Leadership Symposium & Honors (PALESH) which held in Abuja on the 19th August 2022,
Olusola Latunji said he was excited and a privilege to be recognised again and given the award.

Olusola who is in paid employment with a leading financial organization, encouraged youths who are also in paid employment not to allow their employment status deter them from pursuing self-development.

For Olusola, the reality is that every employee should think of themselves higher than their current employment status.

According to him, this will consequently help them function optimally in their career / present field and will also motivate them to manage their time more appropriately and make significant impact in their society.

The Digital Sales & Communications Expert sometimes work round the clock, but explains that he still puts himself under check, reminding himself that he has a bigger assignment in life and greater duty to humanity.

In his words, “8 to 5 employment should not limit exploits in humanity”. With this stand-point, despite how busy he could be, especially living in a metropolitan city like Lagos he still does the much he can to improve / develop himself by reading, researching and acquiring the right knowledge every way possible so that in turn he is able to practically influence his community positively at every possible time.

Olusola Latunji who was also recently inducted as Special Envoy on Youth Empowerment to the United Nations International Peace and Governance Council (IPGC) went ahead to dedicate his UN Ambassador of Peace award to God Almighty & to everybody in the labor market striving for bigger relevance.

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