Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Senator Andy Uba is on his own – Obi Austin Ndigwe

By Mike Odiakose

Obi of Awka Ancient Kingdom, Eze Uzu 111, Chief (Dr) Austin Ndigwe,
has disowned claims by Senator Andy Uba that he was privy to his claim
that the N50 given to him by Prince Arthur Eze was a donation and not
a loan.

In a statement by Emeka Ofor, Media Assistant to His Imperial Majesty
Chief (Dr) Austin Ndigwe, Eze Uzu, the monarch declared that it should
be on record that he was never part of any negotiation for the said

“Let it be on record that the Obi was he was never privy to the money
Senator Uba received and when Uba received the money he did not tell
his Majesty.

“Furthermore, by referring to the revered Obi of Awka merely as Austin
Ndigwe Uzu Awka knowing very well that he is the Obi of Awka, a very
respected royal father and custodian of the customs and traditions of
Awka ancient kingdom, is an affront on the ancient stool.

“This is a sacrilegious, disrespectful and derogatory action that we
cannot condone.

“Senator Uba should have properly addressed the traditional ruler.

“This infraction portrays Senator Uba as someone who has no respect
for the traditional institution.

“He should have properly addressed the traditional ruler as the Obi of Awka.

“Let it be emphasized that Prince Arthur Eze is the Obi’s mentor and
has been a great support to the throne of Awka in all ramifications.

“He would therefore not be party to any attempt to tarnish his image.

“Prince Arthur Eze is the foremost Igbo man who has touched the lives
of more Igbos than every other Igbo man alive and I would therefore
never be a party to any attempt to denigrate him.

“We are Igbos and we are a proud people of integrity and hard work. If
anyone gives you money, and for whatever purpose or circumstance, the
creditor says he wants his money back, decency demands that you refund
his or her money instead of making an issue out of the benefactor’s

“That is the standard practice for men of honour and decency.”

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